Assyrian History

An Assyrian genocide survivor

We didn’t get any warnings, at least none that I was aware of. I was a child and we were simple farmers, what did we know about world politics. The soldiers surprised us, they stormed our village midday. We were in the kitchen eating our dinner; it was me, my parents and my little sister… Continue reading An Assyrian genocide survivor

Assyrian History · Fantasy

The fall of Nineveh

Oh Assyria the rod of my anger! Against the wicked I will send him! His military strength will be my weapon against the godless nations who are doomed to destruction. The Assyrians will turn the godless peoples into slaves and loot them and trample them under their feet. – Isaiah 10:5-6 There was once a… Continue reading The fall of Nineveh

Fantasy · Mesopotamian Mythology

The legend of Queen Shamiram (Semiramis)

According to old legends, there was once a beautiful Assyrian deity named Atargatis. She was the goddess of fertility and ruled over the waters that gave life. She was a proud goddess, carried by lions to show her power over nature and courted by white doves. The fish were sacred to her, and it was… Continue reading The legend of Queen Shamiram (Semiramis)